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Ride the Water on Our Spacious Sailboat

With Freedom Sailing Adventures you'll see Cocoa Beach, Florida, and the surrounding waters from a beautiful, comfortable sailboat. Named Freedom, our catboat is the ideal vessel for touring the area, combining maneuverability with a steadiness that prevents seasickness.

The Family Catboat

Our family boat is a 24' Atlantic City catboat that harkens back to an earlier age of sailing. These catboats were designed in the 1840s as magnificent sailing vessels made to ply the cool waters of New England. They were used primarily as fishing and pleasure craft due to their solid stability and ease of sailing.

With mahogany woodwork, below-deck housing, a large cabin and restroom, spacious seating on deck, and a billowing white sail flying above, we feel Freedom is the ideal boat for any tour. It's never been easier or more fun to cruise with up to 5 other guests on the picturesque waters of the Indian River.