The Catboat

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The Captain, his Wife Beth and passengers in the cockpit are enjoying a late afternoon/evening cruise

Our family boat – Freedom – is a 24’ Atlantic City Catboat that hearkens back to an earlier age of sail. Catboats were designed in the 1840’s as magnificent small sailing vessels, made to ply the cool, open waters of New England. They were used primarily for fishing and pleasure craft because of their solid stability and ease of sailing. With mahogany woodwork below housing a spacious cabin and restroom, spacious seating on deck, and a billowing white sail flying above, we feel Freedom is the ideal boat for cruising with up to 6 guests on the picturesque waters of the Indian and Banana Rivers.

The bottom left photo, the group is waving to our photographer friend who brought the dingy along for taking photos of the trip. On the bottom right, Naomi, Captain Greg’s daughter is enjoying the topside breezes. Les, is exiting the home conveniences offered in the cabin below.

The group waving to our photographer friend taking photos from the dingy that she brought along for the photo session.

Naomi (Captain Greg's daughter) sitting up top toward the bow enjoying the extra breeze. Les returning from a trip to the cabin facilities :)


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