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Captain Greg Le Sieur

Captain Greg

I have loved the sea and sailing from the time I was a little boy growing up on the shores of Cape Cod. Most of my summer days were spent exploring the waters and islands of Pleasant Bay on small sailboats or rolling around Nantucket Sound with my Dad trying to catch blue fish (although we usually ended up only hooking a flounder or sea robin!)

My first taste of tall ship sailing came on a spring semester in college aboard Sea Education Association’s 125’ staysail schooner, Westward. On this boat I had the great joy of a true ocean experience while learning the traditions of sailing windjammers. On Westward, I cruised from Miami to the Bahamas to Bermuda to Nova Scotia, finally ending up in Cape Cod. Schooner Westward is a 125-foot steel stays'l schooner which was launched in 1961. She's currently used by Ocean Classroom. In this photo she's docked at a pier on New London's waterfront. This photo came from compliments of mehughes collection at this I took to the sea for the better part of the next decade sailing in California and Mexico, the Caribbean, the US East Coast, the bays of Maine, the Canadian Maritimes and the Great Lakes. I began as a student and worked my way up to deckhand to mate to captain.



A few of my other ships were the US Brig Niagara (198’ two-masted square rigger), US Brig Niagara a 198’ two-masted square riggerthe Californian (148’ square topsail schooner), the Spirit of Massachusetts (125’ gaff-topsail fishing schooner) and many others. I presently hold a 100-ton Near Coastal Master’s License for Motor and Sail-Auxiliary vessels.

I now sail Freedom (as seen in both photos, with me at the wheel just above and at the very top of the page), an Atlantic City Catboat which is a magnificent traditional ship, a design used since 1880 as a fishing boat in the cool open waters of New England.

I also want you to know – as much as I love sailing, I love people even more! People of all ages have a great, relaxing time on our family boat – Freedom – so I am looking forward to spending a wonderful two hours with you on Florida’s sparkling waters! I hope to be able to share my passion for sailing with you, and I always enjoy hearing you share your interests in life with me!

Fair winds and a following sea,

Captain Greg

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