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The steering crew appear to have a distraction :)" alt="The steering crew appear to have a distraction :)There is no better or more relaxing way to venture out on the Space Coast’s breathtaking rivers than under the power and grace of a billowing sail! Carrying no more than 6 guests, our 2-hour sailing charter/nature tour trips offer you a more intimate, private cruise on the water where you will not be overwhelmed by crowds but can enjoy taking a turn at the helm (steering) or just sitting back to relax and enjoy the sites.





A rather large dolphin passing by, photo taken by a former guest MarciaAfter leaving our marina, it is often not 10 minutes before we encounter manatees and bottlenose dolphins. Sometimes the dolphins like to play with our boat as we pass by, even coming almost close enough to touch! Our cruise will also take us past a bird sanctuary and most every trip is filled with sightings of great blue herons, tricolored herons, white egrets, king fishers, ibis, brown pelicans, terns, seagulls, cormorants, anhingas, and at certain times of the year, bright pink birds called roseate spoonbills. Small alligators and sea turtles have also been spotted by our crew!




Curious Sea Turtle, photo by a former guest, MarciaThe Indian and Banana Rivers are wide (more like a bay), but you never need worry about seasickness or rough seas. Even on a windy day there is rarely a wave over a foot high because of the wind direction and proximity to land. We offer you a fun 2-hour cruise, not a 3-hour tour like Gilligan’s Island!







Little girl enjoying topside view :)We hope you will come and enjoy, under a flying pennant and a full sail, a taste of Freedom along Florida’s beautiful coast. God bless your vacation and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Your hosts,

Captain Greg and Family




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